Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Bonsai Shop is the only shop that deals exclusively in bonsai trees and accessories, in Ireland. It stocks a wide range of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, Japanese, Chinese and Irish, and also stocks a range of pots, tools, seed kits, fertilizer, training wire, books, cut paste and many other items related to the cultivation and care of your bonsai tree.

Each tree is individual and our stock changes constantly. We have a few photographs and descriptions of the different varieties of trees that we have in stock, but be aware that all bonsai differ slightly, none are the same, and these trees do vary according to age and training.
Our trees range from €28 to €200 approx. for trees 5 to 30 years old, and up to €1000 for specimen trees, 30 to 50 years old.

You can contact us at 01 6793456 for further details. We can also send photos to you of our larger stock if required.

The Bonsai Shop prides itself on stocking the best quality and widest variety of bonsai in the country. Expert advice will be available when purchasing your tree and afterwards too. We give a detailed care leaflet with every tree we sell and most of our our trees small to medium sized trees are gift wrapped .

The Bonsai Shop does not sell on line. We have found through experience that even with the most reliable of curriers they can suffer in transit, and post is out of the question. Would you send a pet by post? Bonsai need light and water and will suffer if deprived of these.
We also feel better selling you a bonsai that you have actually seen, as photos can be deceptive!

About Me

Maureen Massey the proprietor has been running the business with great success for the past 25 years and has been growing bonsai for even longer. She has gained plenty of knowledge on the growing and care of these trees, over the years, as literally thousands have passed through her hands. She has grown many of these trees herself, with the assistance of her sister Fidelma. Maureen has appeared many times on TV showing and talking about bonsai, and has lectured and judged competitions over the years. She is always available for ‘Talks’ in clubs and events and you can contact her at bonsaishopireland@gmail.com.