Friday, May 27, 2016

Bonsai Tree Exhibition.

We are holding a Bonsai Tree Exhibition, showing all the best bonsai in our collection for the Bloom Fringe Festival 2016.

A wide variety of beautiful Irish grown bonsai will be shown throughout the  Powerscourt Shopping Centre.

Starting on the 3rd of June for one week only.

Admission Free.                                       All  welcome.

About Me

Maureen Massey the proprietor has been running the business with great success for the past 25 years and has been growing bonsai for even longer. She has gained plenty of knowledge on the growing and care of these trees, over the years, as literally thousands have passed through her hands. She has grown many of these trees herself, with the assistance of her sister Fidelma. Maureen has appeared many times on TV showing and talking about bonsai, and has lectured and judged competitions over the years. She is always available for ‘Talks’ in clubs and events and you can contact her at